The national Bank announced a Programme of action for the year 2020

Нацбанк обнародовал Программу действий на 2020 год

The national Bank of Ukraine has published the action Programme for 2020, which is an annual road map for the implementation of the medium-term Strategy of the Central Bank. This is stated in the message controller. The New Program

The new Programme of action for the year 2020 identifies priority areas for further progress in achieving each of the seven strategic goals of the Bank – ensuring low inflation, a stable, transparent and efficient banking system, restoring credit, effective regulation of the financial sector, free movement of capital, financial inclusion, and the development of a modern, open, independent and effective Central Bank.

“The implementation of the Programme of action for 2020 will create the conditions to ensure an enabling environment for all participants in the financial ecosystem. This is especially important given the fact that 2020 is the last year of the current Strategy of the Central Bank, therefore in parallel with the regulator will work on new strategy of Bank with a planning horizon to 2025” – referred to in the Programme of action.

Key priorities of the National Bank in 2020

Improving interaction with the Government in the framework of the Memorandum between the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the National Bank of Ukraine on cooperation with the aim of achieving sustainable economic growth and price stability.

Contribute to the efficient functioning of the state banks, in particular, through the upgrade policies of the state banks, taking into account proposals of the National Bank.

The introduction of legislative amendments to facilitate lending. Facilitating the adoption and implementation of legislative changes concerning the development of the secondary market non-performing loans (NPL).

To ensure banks land as collateral without any restrictions in accordance with the law on circulation of agricultural lands.

The introduction of the law on “split,” development of a model of regulation of the market of non-banking financial institutions segment, the preparation of new draft laws “On financial services and financial services”, “On insurance” and “On credit unions”, the beginning of the implementation of an effective system of regulation and supervision of the nonbank financial sector.

The introduction of the principles of the Plan of combating erosion of the tax base and the elimination of profit from taxation (the BEPS action plan), promote the adoption of a package of laws on combating erosion of the tax base. After their adoption and entry will be possible full currency liberalization in Ukraine.

Opening of the international Euroclearсчта Depository the Depository of the National Bank. This will facilitate the access of foreign investors to government securities in local currency.