The national Bank announced the cooperation with the RRT in the case of the loan portfolio

Нацбанк заявил о сотрудничестве с ГБР по делу кредитного портфеля

The national Bank of Ukraine cooperates with the State Bureau of investigation and provide the requested investigation documents in the investigation of the case of realization of the loan portfolio. And the information that the employees of the national Bank could be involved in the implementation of credit portfolio at a lower cost to obtain the profit that will result in damage to the state budget, the controller is considered speculation with facts. About it reports with reference to the released by the press service of the NBU statement.

This reaction of the national Bank appeared after the publication in the media may 30, information on the decision of the Pechersk district court of Kyiv on may 16 that he has satisfied the petition of the investigator of the RRG and gave him access to the documents of the NBU in the context of criminal proceedings No. 62019000000000450 from 5 April.

In the media, according to the NBU, cited jurisprudence which says that “since February 2019 at the present time officials of the NBU actions aimed at the implementation of a credit portfolio at an undervalue with the aim of further obtaining of the profit from debt collection on credit obligations that will result in damage to the state budget of Ukraine”.

“The national Bank is convinced that it is speculation with facts, and in fact, the implementation of a credit portfolio should reduce costs of the National Bank, and therefore is in favor of the state… a clear indication of the disinterest of the NBU in the sale of the loan portfolio at a lower price there is the chosen way of sale”, – reads the statement of the national Bank.

Thus, the NBU added that the assignment of rights of claim under loan agreements, it was decided to carry through sales via the electronic trading system Prozorro.Sale in the English auction, giving you the opportunity to sell it at a premium of at least 1% against the starting price.

“Please note that the national Bank, adhering to the policy of transparency, maximum working closely with the RRT in all episodes of the investigation in the framework of existing legislation… In particular, under the criminal procedure to appeal from the RRT April 22, 2019 o. No. 5381-01 and 6 may 2019 No. 01-5940 NBU provided all the requested documents concerning the realization of the loan portfolio. Also today, the national Bank on the execution is the decision of the Pechersk district court of Kyiv from may 16, 2019 for seizure of documents”, – said Governor.

As for the other allegations, except those that FactCheck published by the NBU, as indicated by the regulator, “the national Bank does not own the facts contained in the decision, so can’t comment on them”.

Recall, the NBU commented on the intention to prohibit Rozhkova doing a good job.