The national Bank began an extensive investigation: salaries, cash, accounts of pensioners

Нацбанк начал масштабную проверку: зарплаты, наличные, счета пенсионеров

What risks will be evaluated during the inspection.

The national Bank of Ukraine gathered to conduct a large-scale audit of banks, with the aim of sectoral risk assessment of the national banking system. About it writes the edition referring to telegram No. 25-0006/6451 at the disposal of edition. Assessment will be tested over a five-year period from 2013 to 2018.

It is reported that will be applied Methodology of the national risk assessment of money laundering of terrorism in Ukraine, developed by the state service of financial monitoring. Banks were obliged to fill in and submit until 22 February 2019 in a special questionnaire.

On the basis of its content, you can understand the directions that will analyze and verify. Most bankers were asked questions regarding the cash:

  • cash from client accounts
  • receiving and issuing of cash for the transfer without opening an account
  • foreign exchange transactions,
  • depositing cash to accounts of natural persons and enterprises,
  • collection of funds with subsequent Deposit into the account.

In addition, the national Bank will check, how banks work with payment cards, how well maintained by the accounts of pensioners, salary payments to people as well as all Deposit and credit services. Quite extensive interests. Maybe bind all these actions to the cash, and perhaps for other reasons.

This does not mean that auditors will be interested in the work of banks with cashless transactions. For him, too will walk. And according to the current practice of identifying individuals and accountants, working with systems of remote Bank (Internet banking, mobile banking). And for opening accounts with the use of BankID National Bank.