The national Bank expects acceleration of GDP growth in the next two years

Нацбанк ожидает ускорения роста ВВП в последующие два года

The growth of gross domestic product in the next two years to accelerate and in 2021 will amount to 3.7%.

This is stated in the report of the national Bank, reports UNN.

According to the report of the NBU, this year GDP in Ukraine will be 4003 billion, while the projected growth for the year will amount to 3%.

Next year the national Bank expects 4390 billion GDP and a growth rate of 3.2%. In 2021, these figures amount 4803 billion and 3.7%, respectively.

While the institution added that the slight slowdown of GDP in 2019 – up to 3% (from 3.3% in 2018) was due to the contraction in global demand amid geopolitical conflicts and protectionist measures, restrained fiscal and monetary policies.

The acceleration of growth in subsequent years is expected due to the easing of monetary policy that will stimulate domestic demand. To restrain the growth will be weak economic activity in the world and reducing the volume of natural gas transit to Europe.