The national Bank has expanded the list of monetary relief for individuals and businesses

Нацбанк расширил список валютных послаблений для физлиц и бизнеса

The national Bank of Ukraine has allowed the purchase of foreign currency at the expense of credit funds. This is stated in the decree of 6 February “On amending some normative legal acts of the National Bank of Ukraine”, which was released by the press service of the regulator.

As a reminder, according to the “regulations on the protection measures and determine the order of execution of certain transactions in foreign currency” it was stated that banks are prohibited it is prohibited to purchase foreign currency on behalf of customers with funds in UAH received by these clients in the form of a loan. The only exception was the operations that were carried out by individuals to repay foreign currency loans, and operations conducted with funds that were subject to a state guarantee.

Under the new rules, to buy foreign currency for credit funds can also individuals acquiring a small amount of currency, legal entity, operating in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “About bases of social protection of persons with disabilities in Ukraine “.

Changes were made to the rules for business. So, according to the warrant, the business allowed the repatriation of dividends in foreign currency in 2018 (it will be operated within the total limit for the return of dividends accrued over the periods to 2018, inclusive, around 7 million?? euros per month), removes the requirement of prior reservation of funds in local currency for further purchase of foreign currency on 7 February and the reduced rate of mandatory sale of currency receipts of the business from 50% to 30% starting from 1 March.

Нацбанк расширил список валютных послаблений для физлиц и бизнеса