The national Bank makes a dollar, a new currency exchange rate

Нацбанк спасает доллар: установлен новый курс валют

The exchange rate in Ukraine on April 13, 2019: the national Bank did not allow the dollar to collapse

Saturday April 13 will operate the exchange rate in Ukraine established by the National Bank on Friday:

$ 100 – 2683.1419 hryvnia;

100 Euro 3022.2910 UAH;

10 rubles – 4.1664 hryvnia.

Dollar exchange rate NBU rose to 26.83 USD. The Euro rose to UAH 30,22.

In the previous banking day, April 11, at Thursday, exchange rates in Ukraine were considerably lower:

$ 100 – 2676.5228 hryvnia;

100 Euro 3018.8501 UAH;

10 rubles – 4.1344 hryvnia.

The exchange rate in Ukraine on 13 APR 2019

On the interbank currency market on Friday 12 April, the dollar fell against the end of the day. The U.S. currency fell by 5 kopecks in buying and 7 cents on sale. The quotations on the Euro increased by 3 kopecks in buying, but sales remained at the same level.

The national Bank was buying the greenback through an anonymous mode Matching is not less than $ 15 million at a price 26.69 USD. This allowed the quotes to sink below the level of 26,7 UAH per 1 dollar. Reference rate for the dollar was set on April 12 at 12:00 the national Bank at the level of UAH 26,7101. Trading on the interbank market on Friday closed with the dollar at was 26.70/26,73 UAH Euro at the level of 30.21/30,24 UAH, the Russian ruble rose on the interbank market to 0,4146/0,4154.

The exchange rate in Ukraine on 13 APR 2019

As reported, the new global financial crisis could begin soon, which will affect the lives of Ukrainians. Economist Eric Naiman announced a disappointing Outlook on the future of the economy. As experts predict, the dollar may rise to 60 hryvnia. Naiman sure that for Ukraine the situation is now more dangerous than in 2008. Indeed, over the past decade Ukraine has gained huge debts. This will lead to higher taxes and interest rates, and monetary emission. The issue will cause devaluation of the national currency.

According to the economist, during the crisis, the hryvnia may fall to UAH 60 per dollar. Accurate terms to define the economist is not taken. However, the fall of the hryvnia may occur in late 2019.

Нацбанк спасает доллар: установлен новый курс валют

Нацбанк спасает доллар: установлен новый курс валют