The national Council finally banned well-known Russian-language channel

Нацсовет окончательно запретил известный русскоязычный канал

The national Council for television and radio on March 6, recognized the discrepancy between the contents of the channel RTVi (jurisdiction of Spain) requirements of the European Convention on transfrontier television and laws of Ukraine. As stated in the message controller, the program has been removed from the list allowed to relay. Thus, the Ukrainian service providers is now forbidden to distribute it in domestic networks.

The Agency reminds that on March 6, 2019 banned the broadcast channel RTVI (then under the jurisdiction of the UK) because in his live shows repeatedly audiovisual production with participation of persons endangering the national security of Ukraine.

Because the ban was temporary – for a year – the Council decided to again check whether the channel continues to disrupt the Ukrainian requirements. From February 24 to March 1, was carried out appropriate monitoring, the results of which the regulator is satisfied that the prohibited person again flashed on this channel.

In particular, it was broadcast the series “the Shot” with the participation of Vladimir Menshov, transfer “For three” with the participation of Nikolai Tsiskaridze, as well as 4-part series, “Kuprin. Duel” with the participation of Mikhail Porechenkov.

In addition, on March 1, RTVi broadcast a program “the Editors. Special report” about the Russian scientists, during which was shown a world map with the designation of Crimea as Russian territory.

Channel RTVI (“Russian international television,” before 2002 “NTV-international”) is an international Russian-language TV channel broadcasting in many countries as the former Soviet Union and beyond in Europe, Asia and North America. The Studio has, in particular, in Moscow, new York and tel Aviv.