The national Council on television and radio will apply to the CEC for campaigning for Zelensky on the TV channel “1+1”

Нацсовет по телерадио обратится в ЦИК из-за агитации за Зеленского на телеканале «1+1»

The national Council on television and radio announces the discovery of signs of violations of the provisions of several articles of the law “On elections of President of Ukraine” on the results of monitoring broadcast television and radio company “Studio “1+1” for the period from January 31 to March 31, 2019 and shall notify the Central election Commission.

As reported on the official website of the national Council, the monitoring recorded the presence of the candidate in presidents Vladimir Zelensky in the entertainment projects of the Studio “Kvartal 95” total length 203 hours and 35 minutes, which is 14% of the total program content of the channel.

In addition, over this period, TRK “Studio “1+1” has not been a single critical material or information about Zelensky, the tone of the coverage of information about it in the news programs and other projects on the channel were very positive. At the same time information about the current President and candidate for the post of head of state Petro Poroshenko was served mostly in a negative tone, also during the electoral campaign in a sarcastic and negative light fed information about all the presidential candidates except Vladimir Zelensky.

The report notes that such conclusions on violations of the law came and in the all-Ukrainian public organization “Committee of voters of Ukraine”, “the Screening of the video “the servant of the people – 3″ during the electoral process should be regarded as campaigning in favor Zelensky and should be paid for from the electoral Fund of a candidate”.

“The national Council will ask the channel for an explanation of how he has handled this situation and will inform the CEC about the signs of violations, OOO “TRK “Studio “1+1” to articles 3, 561, 57 and 58 of the law of Ukraine “On elections of President of Ukraine”, since all detected signs of violations in the broadcast radio and television, the regulator informs the CEC,” – said in the message.

The national Council also reported that he had repeatedly discussed the situation, how to interpret audiovisual materials which indirectly encourage the electorate to vote for a certain candidate. “Unfortunately, the current legislation does not give clear answers to these questions and not give the Institute the right to determine whether such materials, which were broadcast on the channel “1+1″, the pre-election campaign. This is a systemic issue that needs to be addressed in electoral legislation, preferably before the parliamentary elections”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that the draft “Evening quarter”, “Multibarrier”, TV series “public Servant”, “servant of the people-2”, “servant of the people-3” and contain other materials (statements, actions) that, using a sharp political satire and artistic means have signs of a manipulative nature.

In addition, 27, 28 and 29 March 2019 in the broadcast “Studio “1+1” was recorded the broadcast of the show “servant of the people – 3”, which contains statements of the main character Basil Goloborodko, which replicate the provisions of the election program of Vladimir Zelensky and have signs of campaigning in the sense of electoral legislation of Ukraine, noted in the national Council.