The national selection for the Eurovision song contest-2019: VERA KEKELIA went on stage without underwear

Нацотбор к Евровидению-2019: VERA KEKELIA вышла на сцену без нижнего белья

Singer VERA KEKELIA, which presented its song WOW in the first broadcast of the national selection for Eurovision-2019, fascinated all the spectators. However, not only the vocals made an impression on Ukrainians, but the way that the star chose for the show.

On the stage of the national selection VERA KEKELIA came dressed in the style of Golden Hollywood. The actress appeared in a brilliant dress with a naked back. VERA KEKELIA not wearing underwear, which gave piquancy to her manner. The Look she added a white fur coat, which in the first seconds of speech took off.

The spectacular dress, the singer noted and Sergey Pritula. In communication with the presenter VERA KEKELIA admitted that during the “Dancing with the stars” she sent TEXT messages for Lesya Nikityuk, so Pritula joked that waiting for Lady Le support.

Solo song from VERA KEKELIA not everyone liked star judges. Danilko noted that the star lacked some fire and passion. After all, the singer looked very impressive, but the performance was too calm.

The national selection for the Eurovision song contest-2019: presentation of VERA KEKELIA – watch videos