The national selection of Eurovision-2019: as made favorites show KAZKA

Нацотбор Евровидения-2019: как выступили фавориты шоу KAZKA

Feb 16, in Ukraine died down second semi-final of national selection the Eurovision song contest in 2019. Eight talented participants went on stage to compete for the opportunity to represent the country in international competition. Among them – popular group of KAZKA, which tipped the victory.

On Saturday, February 16, to determine all the names of the finalists of the National selection. To get into the top 6 candidates for participation in the Eurovision song contest in 2019, well-known artists have produced a rhythmic song that could be their lucky ticket to the international competition.

Among the contenders for victory is a well – known group of KAZKA, which rapidly gained Ukrainian music lovers. The team received significant popularity after the release of the hit “Cry”. This song sing not only Ukrainian, but also foreign fans. Even during a vacation in Indonesia, artists have learned. Due to significant support from the music fans of the team KAZKA predicting victory at the National selection.

The band has now performed in the second semi-final show. On the stage of the national selection KAZKA presented his song Apart, which has managed to conquer the web.

The national selection of Eurovision-2019: view online performance of the group KAZKA

While chatting with Sergey Pritula they asked the presenter why he “so loves”. The musicians pointed to the mistake made by the organizers of the show during the announcement of the finalists of the national selection. On Sergey Pritula said that was a clerical error by one employee, so the ads featured musicians KAZKA, which at that time has not yet acted.

Jamal admitted that during the performance, she plunged into the story sung artists.

The singer added that he expected this performance and was in awe of the spectacular show.

You’ve grown as a performer! I’m very impressed. Really worried for you because there is a responsibility, because you are a famous band. I’m happy for you and today really was waiting for this speech,
– said Jamal.

Supported the team of Andrey Danilko and Eugene Filatov. However, the ex-participant of Eurovision, said that the popularity of the group KAZKA combines a lot of haters around him.

“You have success, who do not forgive. You – original team. I’m very proud, this is real growth. I rarely say things like that. The song has an aura, it was really very impressive,” commented Andrey Danilko.