The national team of Ukraine on basketball won silver at the world University games

Сборная Украины по баскетболу завоевала серебро на Всемирной Универсиаде

The national student team of Ukraine on basketball won the silver medal of the Universiade in Italy. The team of Vitaly Stepanovski in the final match lost to a strong team USA, and before that defeated the teams of Canada, Australia, China and Finland.

USA – Ukraine – 85:63 (28:15, 20:8, 16:18, 21:22)

Ukrainian team from the start seconds a small spurt implemented: in the first attack was accurate the his national team – Vyacheslav Petrov, a moment later already free throws scored twice Kirill Marchenko, and after two points scored and Vitaly Zotov. However, our opponents managed to quickly equalise and in the middle of the quarter the score was equal.

Towards the end of the starting period of the game the Americans are now organized his own breakthrough, which the head coach of the national team of Ukraine responded to the timeout. Immediately after this, Sidorov came twice, but in the opponent caught the spirit of Newman, who is only the starting 10 minutes, scored 9 points. 28:15 in favor of the United States after the start of the game.

In the second period the teams started to pay more attention to the protection, however, our rivals from the USA were able to increase the gap from the national team of Ukraine.

Team Stepanovskaya after two points with a fall from Petrov got a lot of emotions in the middle of the quarter, but that wasn’t enough, 48:23.

In the third quarter, the Ukrainian team came out very charged and immediately began to close the gap: first Kondrakov got far attempt on the first possession, and then in a striking passage scored two points Zotov. After that, the coach USA was forced to take a momentary break. The Ukrainian team showed aggressive defense, but you win a quarter this was not enough.

The last quarter of our compatriots also started and continued to close the gap, but every jerk of Stepanovskaya team USA answered own powerful bursts of activity.

This medal was the sixth for the national team of Ukraine. In the overall “blue-yellow” team is in 21st place.

Just on July 14 on University Games-2019 250 will compete for sets of medals in 18 sports.