The national team of Ukraine on biathlon fired the Russians from the staff team

Сборная Украины по биатлону уволит россиян из штаба команды

The national team of Ukraine on biathlon has officially cancelled the agreement with the Russian servicemen at the end of the 2018/19 season.

The President of the biathlon Federation of Ukraine Volodymyr brynzak said the situation with Russian servicemen in the team that during the season complained athletes.

According to Brynzak, Russian servicemen will not continue working in the team and the negotiations are held with experts from Italy.

With Russian servicemen we definitely won’t continue to cooperate. We are already negotiating with the Italian. Will show more trust in our children. But I would not want to young coaches Yashchenko and Kravchenko was used as a service men – we need them in the coaching role. Therefore, we now seek the service technicians.

“Take into account the recommendations of Vitaly Rudenchik, who has long headed the service group for us, and now went to work at Fischer. Communicate with coaches, listen to their wishes. I think the season will be able to completely resolve this issue”, – said Vladimir Brynzak in an interview

Informed Sport 24 wrote that the captain of the national team of Ukraine Dmitry Pidruchny after a bad mass start at world Cup stage in Nove mesto tied a bad result with the “terrible” quality of skiing.

Later on the problems associated with skis, which were prepared by Russian servicemen, expressed Brendan. Ukrainian biathlete Olena Pidhrushna said that the team is not able to prepare skis for racing, and that was the reason for its failure.

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