The national team of Ukraine on biathlon gold members will participate in the relay in Ruhpolding

The coaching staff of the women’s national team of Ukraine on biathlon decided on the relay. Race in the 5 round of the world Cup will take place on 17 January in Ruhpolding.

The national team of Ukraine will perform in the so-called “gold” team which won the relay at the Olympic games in Sochi in 2014.

The national team of Ukraine

  1. Vita Semerenko
  2. Julia Jim
  3. Valya Semerenko
  4. Olena Pidhrushna

The relay in 15:30. Stream of the race available on the website Спорт24 the link.

  • In the season 2019/2020 held three women’s relay. The best result of Ukrainian women is 4 stage in Hochfilzen.
  • In Oberhof, Germany Ukrainian women finished sixth. In östersund, the Ukraine national team finished in 9th position.
  • The world Cup stage in Ruhpolding started January 15: sprint race was won by Tiril of Ekhoff.
  • In the men’s sprint was the strongest Martin Fourcade. Ukrainians pryma Artem and Dmitri’s Henchman was in the top 10.