The national team of Ukraine on biathlon will run the relay in östersund without a team leader

Сборная Украины по биатлону побежит эстафету в Эстерсунде без лидера команды

Women’s and men’s team of Ukraine biathlon decided on the relay teams in the world Cup, which takes place in Ostersund, Sweden.

For the men’s team will run pryma Artem, Sergey Semenov, Artem Tishchenko and Ruslan Tkalenko.

Prima starts first, Semenov – the second, third Tishchenko, the fourth – Tkalenko, according to the UA:Biathlon.

World champion in the pursuit Dmitry Pidruchny will not participate in the relay. On Sunday he will start in the mass start world Cup. The men’s race will take place tomorrow, March 16. Beginning at 18:30.

For the women’s team will run Anastasiya Merkushyna, Yuliya Jim and Vita and Valentina Semerenko.

Merkushina starts first, the second Vita Semerenko, Julia Jim the third, the fourth – Valentina Semerenko. The women’s relay will be held March 16. Beginning at 15:15.

Note that on Thursday, March 14, held a combined single relay, which was won by Norway. Ukraine took 5th place.

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