The national team of Ukraine on hockey has gained the first victory in the new season

Сборная Украины по хоккею одержала первую победу в новом сезоне

The national team has played second match at international tournament Turkish Airlines Baltic Challenge Cup, beating the Estonian team with the score 3:2.

Estonia – Ukraine 2:3 (1:1, 0:1, 1:1)

Pucks on the ice arena of “Tondiraba” in Tallinn in our team was scored by Ilya Korenchuk (11 min.), Alex yanishevsky (35), Alexander Fighting (51).

As in the match against Lithuania, Ukrainians conceded a goal in the beginning. But in the first period wards of Andrey shrubco has managed to stabilise the situation. The exact throw was observed Korenchuk, who from the blue line struck “nine”.

The second period was a great advantage to the hosts, and goalkeeper of the national team of Ukraine Petrov had to constantly be in tension. Even outnumbered the Estonians were close to success, deliver the ball to the national team of Ukraine. When this game was somewhat unexpected goal in the performance Janiszewski.

In the third period, the Estonians continued to look for ways to our goal, but brilliant on the last line acted Petrov. And in one of the attacks “blue-yellow” Fighting increased the lead national team of Ukraine. However, soon Slesarevsky has reduced backlog in the account, but the Ukrainians have managed to preserve the result.

The participants of the competition, Turkish Airlines, Baltic Challenge Cup is divided into two groups. Trio A – Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine), trio – Kazakhstan (youth team), Latvia, Romania). November 10, the group winners will compete for the first place. There will also be a fight for the bronze match and the outsiders.