The national team of Ukraine on the class win in Lithuania thanks to the double Malinowski

Сборная Украины на классе победила Литву благодаря дублю Малиновского

Ukraine has won a fifth consecutive victory in the framework of UEFA Euro 2020. Wards of Andrey Shevchenko in Kharkiv team beat Lithuania and closer to the group stage of the European championship.

Ukraine – Lithuania 2:0
Goals: Malinowski, 29, 58

Before the meeting, Andriy Shevchenko had a dilemma: what part to play to defeat Lithuania, but to save his strength for Portugal. It seemed that the coach of “blue-yellow” will resort to serious rotation. And from the first minutes of the non-core players came only Moraes instead Yaremchuk and Sable changed Mikolenko. In the center remained an important triangle Stepanenko–Zinchenko–Malinovsky.

An important goal

As expected, the team Shevchenko aggressive start of the game. In the third minute Sobol played a one-two with Marlos on the left flank, then crossed to Moraes in the penalty area. The striker struck his head on the crossbar. On the 7th minute for Lithuanians stood by the goalpost. With a corner held a cross to the far post where unmarked Stepanenko punched his head into the open corner of the goal. But taken in the frame of the goal.

Four minutes later, was able to open the scoring Zinchenko. Marlos threw the ball under the heel strike partner, but the kick failed. Two minutes later, Ukraine has continued to play Brazil. Yarmolenko brought to heel strike Bolbat. But the defender in the penalty area failed to continue the attack as follows.

The hosts continued the pressure and combined a lot on the outskirts of the penalty area. In particular, in the 26th minute, Yarmolenko was the first rebounder and a dangerous shot from outside the penalty area. The ball flew over the bar. On 29 minutes, the Ukrainians still took the match. Malinowski received the ball in midfield, passed it to the penalty area, where he played a sharp one-two with Moraes. Went into the penalty, Ruslan fired a low shot under the goalkeeper – 1:0.

33 minutes into the game Yarmolenko almost secured a positive result of Ukraine. Andrew in your favourite style and beat the defenders of Lithuania on the right flank and shot into the far corner. The guests were saved by the crossbar.

Benefis Malinowski

After the break Andriy Shevchenko didn’t slow the momentum and continued to dominate on the football field. On 58th minute “blue-yellow” has managed to extend the lead. Against Yarmolenko is very grossly violated the rules near the penalty Lithuanians. Standard position decided to perform Malinowski. Ruslan “rocked” the goalkeeper, shot into the top corner, which is the responsibility of Chernyauskas – 2:0.

The advantage of two goals allowed Shevchenko to keep leaders: Marlos Yarmolenko and Konoplyanka changed and Tsygankov, respectively. Subsequently, Stepanenko was replaced by Sidorchuk. Ukrainians have somewhat slowed down, but continued to control the game.

In the 70th minute was able to score fresh Tsygankov. The leader of “Dynamo” after a cross from Konoplyanka’s shot, with my leg up. But the goalkeeper caught the ball, which flew under the crossbar. In the 78th minute Sobol made a pass under blow Zinchenko in the penalty area. But the shot of the player “Manchester city” came out – by.

The first time Lithuanians got on 82 minute, but Andriy Pyatov confidently saved by partners. In the extra three minutes were no more goals, so the victory of Ukraine with the score 2:0.

With this victory, the Ukrainian team scored 16 points. In order to recover for the European championship, the Ukrainians have to get one point in the game against Portugal. The match will be held on October 14 in Kiev.