The national team of Ukraine with a crushing sensation lost to Israel

Сборная Украины с сенсацией разгромно проиграла Израилю

The national team of Ukraine on football at the age of 19 played their second away friendly game against team Israel, which failed to achieve a positive result.

The second game unlike the first match, in which players Nagorniak beat rivals with the score 3:0, was not as successful. Ukrainians lost the same match with a score 0:4.

The Israelis scored three goals before the break, but in the second half to set the final score.

By the way, Ukraine U-19 is preparing for the qualifiers in the elite round of Euro-2019. March 20 Ukrainians will play the qualifier against Serbia, and later will meet with Italy and Belgium.

Informed Sport 24 reported that in his first match of the tournament Croatia Womens Cup 2019 women’s national team of Ukraine on football defeated the team Croatia with the score 4:0.

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