The national team of Ukraine with the indecent account lost to Poland at the ice hockey world championship: video

Сборная Украины с неприличным счетом проиграла Польше на чемпионате мира по хоккею: видео

The national team of Ukraine on hockey has lost the second match at the ice hockey world championship in Division 1B. This time offenders “blue-yellow” were hockey players from Poland.

Poland – Ukraine 7:3 (2:1, 4:1, 1:1)
15:56 – Kapitsa (Wronka, Scarcit) – 1:0, 17:53 – Tolstushki (Zadoenko) – 1:1, 19:03 – Kapitsa (Escartin, Kalus) – 2:1, 02:39 – Was Domogala (Yaskevich, Michalski) – 3:1, 4:00 – Kapitsa (Neupauer) – 4:1, 06:24 – Lalka (Petruchio) – 4:2, 07:07 – Kapitsa (Brick, Neupauer) – 5:2, 07:32 – Comoros (Gosinski) – 6:2, 01:06 – Kapitza – 7:2, 08:56 – Babinec (Petruchio) – 7:3

In the first period the national team of Ukraine for quite a long time played with the Polish team on equal terms. However, the poles managed to be the first to come forward thanks to a curious goal Kapitsa. However, the “blue-yellow” immediately leveled the score. The puck at his own expense recorded Bbw. But on 19 minutes the second time Poland took the lead and the teams went to rest with the score 2:1.

The second period was a disaster for Ukrainians. The team of Oleg Shafarenko from the poles already conceded four goals and conceding only one goal. In the second quarter pole Kapitsa scored four goals against Ukraine and became the first player to score in gate of Ukrainians more than three goals.

Not better Affairs of the national team of Ukraine was in the last period. At the start the Ukrainians conceded a seventh goal, which was another record. Ukraine has never missed from the poles more than six goals. The third goal for the national team of Ukraine held the pews and set the final score 7:3.

The first match of the world Cup Ukraine dramatically lost to Japan. The following match “blue-yellow” team will play on may 1 against the Netherlands. Now the Ukrainians in the standings to 5th position.

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