The NBA could lose $ 4 billion because of the scandal in China

НБА может потерять 4 миллиарда долларов из-за скандала в Китае

The situation around the scandal between the NBA and China is not yet resolved. The League could lose one of the largest foreign markets.

What a scandal between the NBA and China?

Recall, it all started with the fact that the General Manager of the NBA “Houston rockets” Daryl Mori supported the protesters in Hong Kong. In China because of this protest. But a spokesman for the NBA upheld the right players and team members to speak freely. In China it is perceived quite differently because of what started the boycott.

What are the losses?

This led to the fact that the company Tencent, which bought the rights to broadcast the NBA in China for 1.5 billion dollars, refused to show preseason games. But in General, the service offered customers who bought a subscription to games, “Houston”, free to change it to the other teams in the NBA.

At the same time, Nike put in its Chinese stores form of “Houston” from the sale.

Working with this team has already frozen some Chinese companies.

The company Fadeaway World praised the Chinese market, the NBA at 4 billion dollars. For example, the seventh match of the final series of the NBA watched 21 million Chinese live. Therefore, if the conflict cannot be resolved, the League will simply lose the money. Not all at once, but the outflow of supporters will be significant. Because “Houston” was the second most popular team in China due to the fact that in his time there played the legendary Yao Ming.

It came down to the fact that in China detained a local resident, fans of the team, “Houston”, which the social network threatened to burn the PRC flag.

Why China is so offended by “Houston Rockest”

The situation was clarified, the new owner of the “Brooklyn nets” — a Chinese billionaire Joseph Tsai. Whole, in China to assess the situation with the protests in Hong Kong.

“Is there a problem that people can freely Express their opinions? This freedom is part of American values and progressive NBA provides to players and other employees the right to speak out on various issues. The problem is that in some countries there are certain topics to talk about which is dangerous, and can lead to unpleasant consequences. Support for separatists in China — one of those topics, not only for governments but also for citizens of China. The Western media often ignore the fact that the Chinese nation is United, when it comes to the territorial integrity of the country. It is not subject to discussion.

China has attacked various countries, including the UK and Japan. As a result, the Hong Kong ceded to the British as a colony. In Chinese psychology, there is a special paragraph, when talking about the responsibility of the country. When touch on the subject of separatists in China feel shame and anger over foreign occupation. That’s why the tweet, Daryl Maury so affected the relations of the NBA and China. I’m not familiar with him, but I’m sure he’s a great Manager, I believe in the apology with his hand and the words that he did not have sufficient information on this issue. But the consequences of the incident will be felt for a very long time,” wrote Joseph Tsai.