The NBA star has sustained a terrible injury in a match against “Brooklyn”: video

Звезда НБА получил ужасную травму в матче против "Бруклина": видео

Center Portland Yusuf Nurkic seriously injured his leg during a match of the regular NBA championship against Brooklyn (148:144).

Midway through the first overtime Nurkic when you try to pick up offensive rebounds landed badly on the leg.

Attention! This video is not recommended for viewing people with unstable mentality.

In Norceca was diagnosed with open fractures of large and small tibial bones of the left leg. Recovery time basketball player unknown.

Nurkic the fateful match was the best part of Portland. In 34 minutes the great man scored 34 points, collected 16 rebounds and gave 4 blocks.

Yussuf Nurkic spent a career best season – average per game, the center scored 15.6 points and 10.4 rebounds and 3.2 assists.

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