The NBA will lose $ 1 billion due to coronavirus

Pandemic coronavirus can be hit hard by the National basketball Association (NBA). In case of cancellation of the remaining games of the regular season, the NBA could lose $ 1 billion.

On the possible financial losses of the NBA, reports The Washington Post.

The NBA season discontinued at least a month. However, there is a high probability that the championship because of the coronavirus will not recover until June.

What is known about the coronavirus in the United States? As of 22 March there were 34 276 cases of infection with coronavirus in all 50 States, 413 people died.

The NBA clubs already have a few infected with the coronavirus players. In particular, the infected players “Utah” Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell.

What the media has reported that Gober had infected Mitchell.

Coronavirus found the player, “Detroit pistons” Christian wood. Note that in “Detroit” is a Ukrainian Svyatoslav Mikhailuk.

Also contaminated four of the basketball club “Brooklyn nets”. One of those who have test was positive, became a two-time winner of the NBA Kevin Durant.

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