The NBU said it was “suspicious” of Ukrainians emotions

НБУ назвал "подозрительных" украинцев по эмоциям

According to the new document of the National Bank of Ukraine the reason for the formation of reputation “suspicious/dubious” operations can serve as the emotions of a person. For example, if it is more than 15 minutes delayed in a Bank vault when there will be use of Deposit box.

After analyzing more than 70 different doubtful features set forth by the NBU, the publication highlighted the most unusual or downright ridiculous. Out of 10 points:

  1. The customer (customer’s representative) is nervous for no apparent reason, or exhibits unusual behavior.
  2. The customer (customer’s representative) insisted on the urgency of a financial transaction, showing nervous behavior, without an obvious reason (reason).
  3. Client unusually and over-justifies or explains the transaction, emphasizing the absence of any ties with illicit activity.
  4. The client is constantly insisting on the maintenance employee of the Bank, even if it is conventional surgery and/or ceases to carry out financial transactions through the Bank in the absence of a specific worker.
  5. The client spends an unusually long time in the vault with safe Deposit boxes (over 15 minutes);
  6. The customer (customer’s representative) cancels the planned financial transaction after the Bank asked him relevant supporting documents and/or clarifications.
  7. The client brings a significant amount of cash, the origin of which notes the proceeds from the sale of assets, but this cannot be documented.
  8. The customer returns an overdue long-term loan funds, the origins of which are unclear.
  9. The collateral for the loan in large amount, provided the client has funds placed on Deposit.
  10. The customer visits the store before you make cash on the account in the same Bank, where he uses the services of the safe.

Financial analyst Vasily nevmerzhytskiy commented on the situation when a person is in the store more than 15 minutes.

“A number of items really surprised. For example, such as the 15-minute human presence in the vault. It must follow/to time and somehow to limit it, although he has the right to freely use their property – cell content. It was strange to see such a subjective point – like emotions. It is clear that if a person starts to behave inappropriately and screaming in the office, the security it will bring, because it is a state of emergency in part of security,” he said.

In his view, all greatly complicated. He was not sure that emotions have cost to make the signs of dubious operations.

“You have to understand the line between the understandable concerns of man for their money or businessman for the company, and abuse. Managers of banks are not psychologists, they are not always enough qualified to work out the financial monitoring by financial characteristics. And everything is even more complicated. May be a misunderstanding,” – said nevmerzhytskiy.