The NEB will gain access to a restricted part of the Register of declarations NACP

НАБУ получит доступ к закрытой части Реестра деклараций НАПК

The national Agency for prevention of corruption opens the National anti-corruption Bureau access to the closed part of the Register of declarations NACP, informs a press-service of the national Agency.

So, NACP sent to the Ministry of justice on the state registration of the joint order of the national Agency and the head of the anti-corruption Bureau of Artem Sytnik on NABOO to the Register of declarations of persons authorized to perform state functions or local government.

This document must regulate the procedure of access to the data in the declarations and to protect the information contained in them.

The Cabinet of Ministers established the NACP in March 2015. The Agency is inter alia engaged in the analysis of electronic declarations of income of civil servants. Electronic Declaration of income of officials in Ukraine to launch in September 2016.

The launch of NACP and electronic Declaration entered in requirements of the European Union to implement visa-free regime.