The negative balance of foreign trade reached $ 9 billion

Негативное сальдо внешней торговли достигло 9 млрд долларов

The negative balance of foreign trade reached almost $ 9 billion. The situation is amazing: the export strategy of the country is, negotiations on the free trade zones are constantly of the free trade agreement signed regularly, yield fails, prices on world markets is favorable, the number of trading partners consistently high, and the result is negative and getting worse.

About this in his article for ZN.UA Julia writes Samaeva. In her opinion, the risks are obvious: a negative balance of payments has a large impact on the exchange rate in the country.

“Simplifying, negative balance of payments suggests that Ukraine spends abroad, the more foreign currency than it receives from abroad. And to spend, Ukrainian companies have to buy foreign currency on the domestic market, causing shortages and creating additional pressure on the exchange rate stability, – said the columnist. Despite all the successes of our exporters Ukraine continues to increase imports much faster than exports”.