The negative impact of quarantine: the British Museum attacked by insects

Негативные последствия карантина: британские музеи атакуют насекомые

A rather unexpected result of the “lockdown” in the British museums (and global warming) is a threat to insects that can cause irreparable harm to the collections.

“Museums are afraid that during the quarantine, the insects were capable of the invasion of their premises, says Helena Jaschke, head of the Department of restoration and preservation in the Program of development of museums in the South-Western region, launched an emergency relief campaign with the support of the Fund “Historical England”. – We have already noted that the period of spring activity (when the pests emerge to mate and lay eggs) every year it starts earlier. And this year he is, as you might guess, coincided with the closing of the museums”.

“Threatened and premises, which in normal times are open to visitors, adds Nick Booth, head of the collection Fund of Museum ship “great Britain”. – We used to worry that visitors will damage the exhibits. But now we are more worried about their absence, because without visitors there’s nobody to scare off the parasites.”

The main danger for collections usually present a carpet moth and carpet beetles. In addition, says entomologist David Pinniger advising the Fund, English heritage and many museums on the issues of pest control, now in the museums of London, seem to be spreading relatively a new form – the common silverfish, a small wingless insect from the order of stinkwood. In 2015, one of the first cultural institutions, who scored of concern in connection with the distribution of silverfish, it became the costume Museum at the University of the arts London. Now the Museum is testing a new product that should help to deal with this threat.

Of course, museums are not the only organizations who need additional assistance for the duration of the quarantine. According to Ralph Izod, managing Director of London public relations company Dyno-Pest, the empty space restaurants also suffer from pests.