The Netherlands demanded that China guarantees for the protection of data from Huawei

Нидерланды потребовали от Китая гарантий защиты данных от Huawei

The Dutch government must this year make the decision whether to allow Chinese state-owned telecommunications giant Huawei to participate in building a 5G network in the Netherlands.

The Ministry of economy plans to hold tenders for frequencies 5G this fall. The selection criteria will depend on the strategy of the Chinese government, which must be submitted &8203;&8203;to the summer, according to Dutch newspaper on Saturday, referring to the representative of the Ministry.

Part of the strategy, which should be detected must be an assessment of how a country can protect critical technology from Chinese state-owned enterprises. Huawei now supplies equipment to almost all Dutch operators.

Last year the Dutch Parliament has announced plans to build a 5G network. At the same time, the General intelligence and security has warned about Chinese espionage, urging the government to investigate the dependence of the telecommunications sector from foreign technologies.

A government spokesman confirmed that the Ministry is committed to conduct a tender for frequencies in late 2019 or early 2020.

A number of States, particularly the United States, Canada, Australia, UK and Japan have placed significant restrictions on Huawei and ZTE (Norway and Germany are also considering similar steps) because of concerns that the use of the products of the companies will make their networks vulnerable to intrusion and spying from the outside. Huawei has denied such suspicions.

Equipment Huawei supposedly “black doors”, which give Chinese intelligence agencies access to encrypted data devices, although Beijing denies this. The European Commission is convinced that Chinese companies are producing chips that can be used “to obtain our secrets.”