The Netherlands is actively poaching companies from the UK

Нидерланды активно переманивают фирмы из Великобритании

In connection with the forthcoming “Broksita” the Netherlands hopes to attract companies working in Britain in Finance, media and other fields. The government was already negotiating with the 250 such firms.

The Dutch government is negotiating with the 250 foreign companies to relocate their offices in connection with the forthcoming “Broksita”. The focus on British companies and American and Asian firms, announced the Ministry of economy of the Netherlands in Saturday, February 9.

Currently, these companies are, therefore, scheduled for March 29, a British exit from the EU, considering the issue of moving their headquarters to other countries of Europe. The Ministry said that it is the companies engaged in the financial sector, media, advertising, life Sciences, healthcare and logistics. The Netherlands Agency for foreign investment hopes that these firms will transfer their operations to the Netherlands.

At the same time, the Ministry of economy introduced the report which reported about the achieved successes in the field of relocation of foreign companies to the Netherlands. So over the past year in this country moved 42 enterprises from the UK to the Netherlands 1923 moved jobs. In the report, particular reference is made to Japanese investment Bank at this point, TVT Media and financial services company Azimo, and MarketAxess.