The Network began to sell the phone numbers of the clients of PrivatBank

В Сети начали продавать телефонные номера клиентов «Приватбанка»

The Internet has started to sell database of clients of PrivatBank, and the scammers call up his customers, asking for credit card numbers.

About it report “Vesti”.

Trend threat: personal data can benefit not only the marketers of various companies to advertise and outgoing calls, but criminals.

In the network appeared the ads where scammers sell fresh information about the clients of PrivatBank. “Sell the telephone customer base PrivatBank”, “Sell database of VIP clients PrivatBank”, – stated in such declarations. They offer the passport details of the clients with registration, identification codes, telephone numbers, data about cars. Prices start from UAH 900 for a few thousand customers.

“The price depends on what you need base. If for promotional purposes, it is enough phones and names. If you want bigger data addresses to read or something, it will be more expensive,” – said one of the sellers.

Privalovskaya base – one of the largest in the country. Here are collected the largest number of customers with their passports screenshots, codes, exact addresses and phone numbers. So this is a very tasty morsel for those who engaged in advertising for scammers and thieves.

Now the scammers have intensified – they call customers and offer to move them to the Bank, waiting for the data cards. “Hello, is this the call center of the Bank, as you know, Private unite with Oschadbank, so we need to transfer money from your card in Private to your map in oschade…” – wrote in “Facebook” the inhabitant of Kiev Viktor Fedosyuk.

Thus, according to him, immediately ask to read the card number. In the PrivatBank say that the causes for concern there.

“All the bases here, in the moment, hacking is almost impossible, after the attack in 2014 was strengthened security measures. The same applies to Privat24 – the last time we recorded cyber-attack system”, – assured the “News” press Secretary of PrivatBank Oleg Serga.

Experts say that the risk that some information can steal is always there. And it’s not only about hacking (the recent massive DDOS attack Privat has been in 2014), but that these can drain the financial institution employees.

“Now, given the situation, many of the dismissed will want to take a fragments database for future use, including for sale. It is also possible that the crooks and thieves also buy such a database and begin to pay attention to the property, which is owned by the people that they are buying. And then start to walk in their homes,” – said the “news” security expert Sergey shabovta.

Base PrivatBank interesting how much of the payment data, and the fact that it is possible to trace the data links between people. “First and foremost, it may be of interest to marketers, because you can see who, where and how to make purchases where I was going on vacation. Insurers may see, whose services were used, and also try to entice customers to him. Interesting information about you may be and fiscal authorities, as PrivatBank has long protected them from customer transactions, referring to Bank secret”, – said “news” the head of the laboratory of computer forensics CyberLab Sergey Prokopenko.