The network exploded with indignation: James Corden pretended she drives a car from a Carpool Karaoke

Fans of the popular American show Carpool Karaoke for several years remained deceived. Recently, the Twitter user managed to capture a video that proves that star presenter James Corden drives a car with a truck.

Incriminating video appeared on the personal page of one of the Twitter users. The guy was a witness to the incident, which will not leave indifferent any fan of the popular program on American television Carpool Karaoke.

In the show, the British comedian and the TV host invites famous musicians to sing along with him during autopromote in Los Angeles. In the frame James Corden was behind the wheel of a prestige car, while simultaneously entertaining guests and watching the situation on the road.

However, the latest release, the hero of which became Justin Bieber has shed light on the shooting of the program. As it turned out, the moderator was just doing the responsible vigilance of the driver. a car in which there were stars, there were extra wheels and a special mechanism that attached it to the truck ahead.

Saw James Corden and Justin Bieber, who take off Carpool Karaoke. That is why I have no confidence – he’s not even driving,
– write to the network.

James Corden has already reacted to the wave of indignation, which rushed at him in the network. He recorded a video message that was supposed to refute the scandalous video and convince your audience in the openness and truthfulness of all scenes.

I know it looks bad. But I just want to say now that I always drive until we do something that may seem dangerous. For example, dancing, changing costumes or if I’m drunk,
– said the presenter.

Cord swore to the audience that 95% of the cases it really is “endangering” the life of the world’s largest pop stars. He also explained that the case of Bieber – an exception to the rule, because his decision to use insurance he proved the fact that he was afraid to embarrass myself in the presence of a young singer.

It’s a TV show, and not everything in it is real. Our program is never removed at midnight, we shoot it at 5 in the evening and pretend it’s later. I thought that such a simple thing and so all know. I regret that you are so deeply immersed in the reality Carpool Karaoke, but it’s television and we often do things just for fun
– said James Corden.

James Corden has agreed to Carpool Karaoke: watch video