The Network has remembered the German UAZ

В Сети вспомнили о немецком УАЗике

Visit Ulyanovsk automobile plant in the social network Vkontakte told about the German “the Hunter” – Taigah.

It turns out that in 2003-2007 in Germany with the company Baijah Automotive was established small-scale production for the German market. Interestingly, cars are not modified. Namely made from scratch, focusing on technical standards of Germany. UAZ “hunter” was sold under the name Taigah (“Taiga”). Under the hood it housed the usual engine ZMZ-409, however, adapted to economy Euro 4 brake components got ATA on the steering wheel was equipped with an amplifier control ZF, and the suspension received Bilstein shock absorbers. This car could be bought also with a diesel engine Iveco.

Baijah Taigah had various modifications, including a convertible, pickup and special version for UN peacekeepers.