The Network has revealed the first photos of the new LADA Largus FL

В Сети показали первые фотографии нового LADA Largus FL

Saturday, April 4, appeared the first photos of the interior of a domestic car Lada Largus FL (FaceLift). The images were published in the community “For Friends & For Friends.” Earlier, representatives of “AVTOVAZ” introduced the audience with the exterior of the new car. Restyled version of the wagon will receive the branded X-shaped style of the brand. This applies not only appearance, but also interior. So far managed to see only the upholstery, but the front panel is kept secret.

According to some sources, the new Largus FL will get the front seats and armrests from the cross-version of the model X-Ray, and the front panel will be very similar to the Renault Duster.

Also, new information regarding the headlights – running lights, the novelty will borrow the Datsun cars. It only remains to wait for more detailed photos of the interior. Sales of new LADA Largus FL should begin in late summer of this year.

В Сети показали первые фотографии нового LADA Largus FL