The Network has shown a rabid hearse to the race track

Some call horsepower under the hood is a drug, the same applies to racing. To confirm this we present you infernal time machine. And it’s not just that her race number is 666, and that car, well, not intended for racing, but McLaren sports car accelerates abruptly.

Demonic hearse is actually a special ID 6664. And told about him more in a video that appeared on YouTube-channel enthusiasts.

The body design resembles a platform GM B 1990-ies, and hence, initially it could be a Chevrolet Caprice or Buick Roadmaster. Both models used the same front part. However, at the moment it doesn’t matter, because inside the car was gutted worse than the exhibit at the medical University. The interior itself is absent, but three racing seats.

Much more important are “inside” under the hood. Namely, GM LS6 V8 with forced draught from the fan. The motor is connected with heavy duty 4L80 automatic transmission. Apparently, the Assembly made up recently – that’s what the owner of the hearse explained some problems with the engine. At high rpm the unit developed a capacity of 910 HP in these figures the car for 400 m at a speed up to 225 km/h.