The network has shown unusual UAZ “Loaf” with aircraft engine

В сети показали необычный УАЗ "Буханку" с авиационным двигателем

In social networking on their pages “Ulyanovsk automobile plant” reminded that the well-known “Loaf” also exists in another version. This so-called “mustache” car, which is air installation run UVZ-2, UVZ-4,8.

Surely many ripe question in mind: “what’s with these “mustache” UAZ?” Very simply, they need to start the engine in the aircraft. The engines in airplanes are typically run using the starter, but on some Soviet aircraft it was not, than the saved takeoff weight. Therefore, for such planes as Tu-154 and IL-62, I needed another way to run engines.

Externally, the “mustache” the Car is practically no different from his brother. The only thing the front bumper forward, and it serves as a pallet for corrugated hose. All the fun is in the car. In the middle of almost the entire place is aviation gas-turbine engine TA-6A!

The compressor of this engine takes air through the side Windows, heats it to 200-220 degrees Celsius, and after compressed air is supplied through a rubber hose to the side fitting plane and spins the motor shaft at startup. In addition, the engine drives two generators that feed the onboard systems of the aircraft.

In order to be able to control the engine and all its systems, in the cabin marked remote control. Also the salon has a radio to contact the airfield and the aircraft crew. Also the car has a fire suppression system that activates automatically in case of a sharp rise in temperature inside the cabin.

В сети показали необычный УАЗ "Буханку" с авиационным двигателем

В сети показали необычный УАЗ "Буханку" с авиационным двигателем