The Network posted a Nude photo of Valeria

В Сеть выложили фото обнаженной Валерии

Former member of “House-2” Rustam Solntsev often comments on the events on the political arena and the world of show business. Moreover, he is a frequent guest of various shows on television, which almost always expresses a critical viewpoint in relation to the main characters editions.

This time he could not ignore the violent conflict between producer Joseph Prigogine and soloist and Deputy Sergei Shnurov, which broke out because of the remarks spouse of Valerie on “monstrous” the situation of Russian artists of different layers of culture because of the pandemic, the coronavirus and entered isolation mode.

This made the showman that publishing is a very strange post on his Instagram page with Nude photos of the singer Valeria. In the picture the artist is depicted without clothes, covering her naked Breasts with hands with a smile on her face. In the signature for publication, the sun quoted the singer.

“Once again convinced: most people hate having to who was wrong,” wrote the sun.

В Сеть выложили фото обнаженной Валерии