The Network posted the first photo Rotaru after a severe illness

В Сеть выложили первые фото Ротару после тяжелого недуга

The majority of the media spread shocking news that a 71-year-old Sofia Rotaru recovering from a serious illness, is undergoing chemotherapy and “all does not look very”.

However, the pictures that appeared in Instagram fan pages of the singer, prove otherwise.

In the photo taken at the birthday of the eldest grandson of the singer – Anatoly Evdokimenko, Mrs. Weiss still looks great. And still smiling and forever young.

“Beautiful,” “beautiful family”, “You and Your grandchildren are just adorable,” he started to write the fans of the singer literally covered her with compliments.

Granddaughter Sofia Rotaru – Evdokimenko Sonia – 18 years. It is considered one of the most enviable brides in Ukraine. The girl is living and studying in London for the last few years working as a model. And now decided to follow in the footsteps of the famous grandmother. At the moment she recorded two singles under the pseudonym of Sofia Eve.

В Сеть выложили первые фото Ротару после тяжелого недуга