The network showed a video of a rare Harley-Davidson motorcycle with sidecar

В сети показали видео редкого Harley-Davidson с мотоциклетной коляской

Have you heard about the Museum “Wheels through time”? It is located near the blue ridge Parkway in North Carolina.

It displays hundreds of rare vintage American motorcycles and thousands of accessories.

The Museum also takes off and puts a good series on YouTube called “the Drive For History” (“Trip history”). Each video that is published weekly, lasts 15-20 minutes and tells about one of nearly 400 of the Museum’s motorcycles.

Meet motorcycle sidecar Harley-Davidson 1916 model year, designed for comfortable walks and guided out of the cradle.

Matt, the show’s host and son of the founder of the Museum, the first thing tells the audience about this bike.

Throughout the world there is only one instance of sidecar Harley-Davidson. It is unclear why it was created and for whom. The bike is a standard model 1916 J, and perfectly preserved.

Stroller it double, soft-top, which resembles a horse-drawn carriage. At first glance, this is a pretty standard method of installing wheelchair for that time. But, looking closer, you notice some peculiarities.

For some reason the steering wheel was converted to a motorcycle can be controlled from the wheelchair. Usual seat, the bike no. That is all the control – and hand-and foot – was referred to the passenger. For this design added many custom shafts, gears, levers, chains and so forth to move the controls. And even the carburetor was rotated to the right side of the motorcycle.

Very interesting to listen to the explanations of the person who sees what has been done, but has no idea why. But let’s not spoil the video and spoil your viewing.