The network showed a video with the strangest motorcycles in history

В сети показали видео с самыми странными мотоциклами в истории

Such collections are regularly published on the Internet and rarely can claim the ultimate truth – yet unusual two-wheeled vehicles in history there have been many.

But the video, published by channel Cars and Engines, among these still stands: in the frame were very interesting and really rare instances.

Video features that are all shown, the apparatus can be seen in the work – it is not a static photo, and documentary footage of the races described on the bikes.

Here and released in 1918, “automobility” British Ner-a-Car, and pre-war Czechoslovak B?hmerland, and a huge 385-horsepower trike Boss Hoss, and a fully enclosed Peraves Monotracer, and a number of incredible models of equipment.

Subjects are provided with captions in English – on each instance composed of small saturated facts story.