The network showed Ford Crown Victoria with a 2500-horsepower engine from the tank (VIDEO)

В сети показали Ford Crown Victoria с 2500-сильным мотором от танка (ВИДЕО)

A resident of Sweden D. Werner bought the motor from a rolls-Royce engine Meteor, designed specifically for tanks.

Its capacity is 27 liters.

It is noteworthy that the man acquired this engine to equip them with the passenger car Ford Crown Victoria. A man captures on camera the process of installation of the engine on the sedan and puts clips on to the Network.

The man even invented a name for a powerful auto – Meteor Interceptor. To use the model for racing he has no plans, but wants to overclock it to 321 kilometers per hour. I don’t think he did it because an old sedan, now 14, will hardly pull such power.

To car handle the power, the Swede has made major adjustments to suspension. Note that at first he wanted to equip the machine with a 37-litre engine from the Spitfire fighter, but he was huge for a car.

In the end, the man stopped the choice on the meteor.