The new BMW R 18: a review with historical roots

Новый BMW R 18: круизер с историческими корнями

Brand BMW Motorrad entered a new segment of two-wheeled vehicles, and the sales of the new BMW cruiser R 18 was for the BMW Motorrad one of the main events of 2020. The novelty is available for order in all official dealer centres of BMW Motorrad in the basic version or in a series First Edition. The cost of BMW R 18 in the base is 1 860 000 rubles.

The Central element in the construction of motorcycle – developed from scratch two-cylinder engine Big Boxer, continuing the tradition of BMW Motorrad in the construction of the twin cylinder cooled engine with opposed cylinders, laid in 1923. Engine capacity – 1802 cm3. It is the largest engine in the history of BMW Motorrad and the largest two-cylinder boxer engine ever produced in series motors. The weight of the power unit with the transmission and intake system – 110,8 kg.

BMW R 18 will be set in motion one of the most elastic of motorcycle engines. Maximum torque of 158 N·m is achieved at 3,000 rpm and 150 N·m available from 2 000 R/min For comparison: flagship sportbike BMW S 1000 RR has a torque of 113 N·m, which is reached at 11 000 rpm.

Experts in the history of BMW Motorrad appreciate: in R 18 is applied a number of technical solutions referring to the legendary BMW R 5 and R 51. For example, the rod drive valves or main gear with open-Kardan – this was used on BMW motorcycles up until 1955.

Along with the traditional technical solutions, the BMW R 18 applied a number of advanced technologies that increase the comfort and safety of motorcycle. So, the traditional “air” oppozity BMW dry single-disc clutch is now equipped with a mechanism of self-empowerment and slip, which reduces the load on the left hand of the driver and improves stability of the bike when shifting down.

We have become accustomed to the fact that large tourist motorcycles can be equipped with reversing system. But now the owners of BMW R 18, if desired, will be able to order your motorcycle with reverse.

The Central element of the chassis of the new R 18 duplex frame made from steel tubes. Its design refers to the long tradition of BMW Motorrad. High quality workmanship and meticulous attention to detail also manifests itself in non-obvious features, such as a welded joint between steel pipe and cast or forged parts.

In suspension design of the new BMW R 18 engineers basically abandoned the electronic adjustment options. Carefully tuned telescopic fork and the directly mounted Central suspension strut with a progressive characteristic of the damping and adjustable preload springs provide excellent handling and comfort. Like the legendary BMW R 5, feathers telescopic fork closed authentic covers. Pen fork diameter is 49 mm, and the suspension travel – 120 mm front and 90 mm rear.

Brake system BMW R 18 – traditional BMW design: two disc brakes in the front and one at the rear, combined with four piston fixed calipers.

In accordance with the philosophy of BMW Motorrad, the new BMW R 18 has a so-called “average steps”. This is a classic position for cylinders not only typical of BMW, but also provides a relaxed fit that is optimal for the active control of the motorcycle.

The new BMW R 18 offers three driving modes – Rain, Rock and Roll – already in the basic configuration, which also includes ASC (automatic stability control, switchable). In addition, the new R 18 standard equipped with a control system the engine drag torque (MSR).

The line of accessories BMW Motorrad offers a maximum range of individualization options through which you can tailor R 18 to personal tastes and preferences.

At the time of launch of the new R 18 are available two designer collections-milled aluminium parts, created in collaboration with Roland Sands Design are Machined and 2-Tone-Black.

For additional information, please contact:

Ilya Baryshev, BMW Group Russia