The new Chairman of SFA called the priorities of the industry

Новый председатель Гослесагентства назвал приоритеты отрасли

The newly appointed Chairman of the State Agency of forest resources of Ukraine Andriy Zablotsky sees its main task to ensure a European level forest management, increase of efficiency of the industry.

About this he wrote in Facebook.

“Last day of 2019 was my first work day?? in the public service. Set clear and aimed at the development of the industry objectives: increase the efficiency of forestry enterprises, the fight against illegal logging, increased reforestation,” wrote zablocki.

According to the head of SFA, the primary task is to provide in Ukraine the European level forest management, creation of new forests.

“We need to increase the forest cover of Ukraine and understand that it needs the cooperation of other authorities and funding. The second important task – the fight against illegal logging and timber turnover. Among the methods – the introduction of electronic accounting of timber, all forest users, a significant increase of responsibility for illegal felling and use of timber from illegal sources, creating transparent rules of the game in the wood market”, – said the head of the Department.

He also stressed the importance of open data about the forest and the issuance of all permits in electronic format, create a single forest portal. Another challenge zablocki called the cleansing of the industry of corrupt officials and “cunning businessmen.”

As reported, the Cabinet of Ministers of 24 December 2019 was appointed Chairman of the State Agency of forest resources of Ukraine Andriy zablotskyi for a period of five years from the date of execution of official duties.