The new Commissioner is preparing in Kiev “industrial bezviz”

Новый еврокомиссар готовит в Киеве "промышленный безвиз"

During the visit to Ukraine of the European Commissioner for enlargement and neighborhood policy, Oliver Verhei confirmed the country support the new composition of the European Commission. Details from DW.

The agreement on common aviation area, the rights of national minorities, “industrial bezviz”, the translation of the Ukrainian energy sector to renewable sources, the revision of the agreement on free trade area, the fight against corruption and help Ukraine’s transition to “digital economy” – the main themes of the visit to Ukraine of the European Commissioner for enlargement and neighbourhood policy EU Oliver Verhei held on 11 and 12 February. Kyiv expects to sign several agreements and expansion of trade with the EU already this year.

Visit Oliver Verhei to Kiev was his first trip to member States of “Eastern partnership” after the appointment to this position in the new composition of the European Commission. “This demonstrates the importance for us of Ukraine”, – said Varki. According to him, reforms in the country are successful. The Commissioner also noted the progress of implementation of the agreement on Association of Ukraine with the EU. One indicator he mentioned the growth of trade between the parties by 60 percent.

New prospects for partnership

The future plans of the European Commission, according to Verhey, support economic growth in Ukraine and increase jobs. As well as cooperation in the fields of energy, transport, communications and education, which should “facilitate the inflow of foreign direct investment in the country.” “We will work together to improve the business environment, rule of law, eradication of corruption and oligarchic influence to promote democracy and your country,” added Varei.

According to him, the attention of the European Commission will be focused on the increase in the volume of bilateral trade, synchronization of technical standards, freedom of the press and rights of national minorities. The course of Brussels in support of state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine remains unchanged, he said. “We are not ready for any compromise”, – said the Commissioner.

The first result

In turn, Prime Minister of Ukraine Alexey Goncharuk at a joint news conference reported on concrete result – the signing of the agreement on the European aid of 25 million Euro programme of support for e-government and digital economy in Ukraine. The Prime Minister hopes to sign with the EU agreement on common aviation area to the end of this year.

A significant part of the negotiations with European Commissioner Goncharuk said that the preparation of the ACAA agreement, better known in Ukraine under the name “industrial bezviz”. “We expect serious progress in ASIA this year and hope to sign in the coming years,” – said Goncharuk. However, Verhei noted that at first it is necessary to harmonise Ukrainian technical standards and certification with the European rules.