The new generation Audi A3 is Ingolstadts vanguard

Новое поколение Audi A3 - Ингольштадтский авангард

Audi A3 fourth generation replaced the model sample 2012, having made a huge leap in the field of design, technical equipment and electronic equipment

Audi A3 fourth generation replaced the model sample 2012, having made a huge leap in the field of design, technical equipment and electronic equipment

Trapezoid grille, which occupies two-thirds of the facade, air intakes, reminiscent of the rotary nozzle of a fighter, sharp corners, deep curves, flared wheel arches, needle-like optics – designer pirouette from conservative to avant-garde was so rapid that a new generation of the A3 resembles a breakthrough concept than a production car. Of the family to be presented with hatchback and sedan, while bred only “pyatidverka”, and announced that due to weak demand for trekhgornyy modification and convertible in the foreseeable future such enforcement decided not to release.

The model is still based on the platform MQB, however, the external dimensions increased significantly. The increase in length was 27 mm (4340 mm), width – 35 mm (1820 mm). The height (1426 mm) and the wheelbase (2637 mm) remained unchanged. The automaker reports that from its predecessor not borrowed any body parts, as well as on progress on the part of the aerodynamics and sound insulation. Boot added in a volume of 40 l (380 l), and when folded, the sofa and 100 liters (1200 liters). For versions with weaker engines 150 HP rear mounted torsion beam, and those that are more powerful, – “mnogoryichazhka.” The alternative baseline scenario of suspension – sport chassis with more rigid settings of elastic elements and reduced by 15 mm ground clearance and suspension with electronically-controlled dampers.

In the salon of degrees of the exotic almost off the charts. For example, the line deflectors of ventilation coming down from the driver’s area to the passenger, if on step. Virtual “tidy” is presented in two versions – with a diagonal of 10, 25 or 12.3 inches. In place of retractable multimedia screen came analogue inscribed in the center console and tapped at a slight angle towards the driver (the size of touchscreen display is 10.1 inches already in the basic equipment). Control unit climate control push button. Media center MMI began to work noticeably faster got the advanced speech recognition Protocol support Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and numerous online services, a built-in access point Wi-Fi. Also provides a projection display, wireless charging and atmospheric lighting.

The “green” agenda has also been implemented. In one embodiment, the seats for the first time in the history of the model is applied to the recycled plastic. From recycled materials based on polymers are made and the elements of sound insulation, floor covering, upholstery trunk. The increase in external dimensions expected added space in the cabin – especially in front of knee in the region of the elbows and shoulders both front and rear passengers.

A3 will debut on the market in front-wheel drive version with 1.5-litre 150-strong petrol turbo engine and 2-litre turbodiesel (116 and 150 HP). As an option will offer a mild hybrid, where the gasoline units with a capacity of 150 HP dowry 48-volt starter generator 18 HP transmission – 6-speed “mechanics” and 7-step “robot” with two clutches. Later the line will be four-wheel drive versions as well as plug-in hybrids and “charged” version of the S3 and RS3. It is possible and the release of all-terrain Allroad.

In the list of available equipment novelties includes matrix headlamps, adaptive cruise control, operating at speeds of up to 210 km/h, the system of retention strip, blind spot monitoring, assistance at the check-out reverse and automatic Parking. Car sales in Europe will begin in may. For the base version with a 1.5-liter 150-horsepower gasoline engine in Germany asked 28 900 Euro.