The new law will force the Ukrainians to spread the past: for which he will have to pay

Новый закон заставит украинцев выложить последнее: за что придется заплатить

Excessive taxes soon forced the Ukrainians to abandon favorite purchases

The law on amendments to the Tax code and other legislative acts of Ukraine to improve the administration and revision of the rates of certain taxes and fees entered into force from the beginning of 2019. Because of this, many purchases for the Ukrainians are just not lifting.


Increases the excise tax on tobacco products by 9%. The government plans to increase excise duty on cigarettes by 2021. Provides more rapid increase in the excise tax until 2021, which is more than the current 57%. The cost of a pack within three years can reach 110-120 USD. The reason for price increase – adjusted for inflation will increase the planned annual price increase by 20%.


Enterprises which produce, process or Refine, mix, load, store, and sell fuel, will be obliged to equip the flow meters at each location of the release substance. If in the excise warehouse processing oil, gas condensate, gas or their mixture, the counters should be put only in each place finished goods.

Now imposed the obligation to report on residual fuel.


Parcels from abroad in 2019 will be more expensive. The government has increased the tax on imported goods for individuals. In Ukraine within six months will be to levy VAT parcels from abroad worth 150 euros; during the second half of the year, the rules for sole traders and legal entities will remain the same, and for the citizens will change. And in the second half of 2019, and within just 2020, individuals will pay VAT sending cost from 100 euros

Also earlier it was reported that in Ukraine in the coming months will rise the procedure of registration of ID cards. Became known the new prices.

From 1 July in Ukraine will increase the cost of a passport as ID card. The decision was earlier taken by the government.

Now will increase the amount of the administrative fee, which is included in the cost of paperwork. From July 1 it will be:

  • When clutter the design of the ID card (20 working days) – 345 UAH instead of the current 279;
  • When making ID card (10 working days) – 471 torque is 366;
  • To a non-urgent registration of the international passport (up to 20 working days) – 682 hryvnia is 557,32;
  • When applying for a passport (up to 7 working days) – 1034 hryvnia, instead of 810,32.

Новый закон заставит украинцев выложить последнее: за что придется заплатить

Новый закон заставит украинцев выложить последнее: за что придется заплатить