The new leadership of the ACU “slows down” the penalty of 6.5 billion UAH in the case of tobacco monopoly

Новое руководство АМКУ "тормозит" взыскание штрафа в 6,5 миллиарда гривень по делу о табачной монополии

For the collection of fines, the lawyers, the AMC should send the court order to the Executive service, but it’s not happening for unknown reasons.

The acting head of the AMCU Olga Pisansky and legal Committee, headed by Gennady Jaworowski to ignore the court’s decision in the case of the tobacco monopoly company “Tedis” and cigarette manufacturers, where the AMCU imposed a fine of 6.5 billion hryvnias, including a 3.4 billion – on “Tedis”.

“On June 23 began the trial on the “Tadasu”, and two weeks later the head of AMKU Yury Terentyev already fired thanks to the personal intervention of President Vladimir Zelensky. Zelensky cleared the way for Pisansky. It turned out that the interference Zelensky and management change the ACU to accurately coincide with the decisions “Tedis”. Surprisingly, being the head of the AMC Pisansky not controlled to the lawyers took out a court decision “Tedis”. After the fine was levied, require legal support”, – Butusov writes.

We will remind, on Friday the court has satisfied the petition of the former head of the AMC Terentyev and issued orders to arrest the account of the “Tedis” in the case of monopoly on the tobacco market for the collection of fines.

Under current law, for the commencement of recovery of penalty by court staff in the legal Department of the AMCU, which is led by Gennady Yavoriv, have to take the decision on arrest of accounts and submit it to the Executive service, after which the fine will be charged. But as you know, this has still not happened.

At the disposal of the UNIAN was a certificate for the recovery of the fine.

“Give wrist the representative of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine a few copies of the Decision of the Economic court of Kyiv on the claim in case No. 910/9359/20, duly executed, to the submission to the execution authorities prynudytelnoho performance/castng of ispolnitelja”, – the document says.

What is known about the Yavoriv and Pisanski

According to the media, Yavorivskiy at the beginning of the two thousandth worked as a leading specialist of the Kyiv regional territorial office of Antimonopoly Committee. From 2009 to 2011 – Deputy Chairman of the Bar Association “Ukrainian League of lawyers.” After that he worked as a lawyer on the TV channel “Tonis”, Deputy head of legal Department of SE “Kolarstwo of Ukraine”. From 2011 to 2015 headed the legal Department of PJSC “Ukrainian Institute for designing objects of gas industry “Ukrgazproekt”, which until 2007 controlled, according to media reports, Grigory Surkis and Viktor Medvedchuk, and after 2007, the administration came the Russian holding Alexander Babakov’s VS Energy.

In January of 2018 President Petro Poroshenko has assigned Yavoriv honorary title “Honored lawyer of Ukraine”. Note yavorivs’kyi was the assistant to two MPs from the party “Block of Petro Poroshenko” Alexander Granovsky and Vasily Janicki.

According to insider information to the Antimonopoly Committee Yavorivskiy came on the recommendation of the first Deputy-Chairman of the ACU – Pisanski Olga Stanislavovna, who is the daughter of a former teacher of Vladimir Zelensky and lived with him in the same yard.

According to Yuri Butusov, Pisansky – the sister of a friend of the family Zelensky from Krivoy Rog, Svetlana Pisanski. Also Svetlana Pisansky in the media called property management Zelensky in Italy, the Office of the President officially, it is still not refuted, and she Pisansky information has not commented.

According to the journalist, Olga Pisansky is the main contender for the post of head of AMC, while her Deputy, it is planned to appoint a lawyer Gennady jaworowski.

“I hope MPs will have the opportunity to ask questions Pisanski and she will tell you her attitude “Tedis” whether it’s closed or minimized, as will be pursued in the courts, what will she do to eliminate monopolies and to prevent the extension of the scheme after 2021, the year? If “Tedis” Dan shall be a setback, and no action is taken for recovery of penalty – it can turn into an example of political corruption”, – Butusov notes.

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Новое руководство АМКУ "тормозит" взыскание штрафа в 6,5 миллиарда гривень по делу о табачной монополии

Новое руководство АМКУ "тормозит" взыскание штрафа в 6,5 миллиарда гривень по делу о табачной монополии

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