The new missile complex of the Dnieper ready for testing (VIDEO)

Новый боевой ракетный комплекс из Днепр готов к испытаниям (ВИДЕО)

GP NPO “Pavlograd chemical plant” in cooperation with CB “South” has prepared a new operational-tactical missile complex “Thunder-2” flight tests.

6 years ago the former Minister of defense of Ukraine Lebedev said that the Ministry believes the work on the complex is futile and the government will not support them. Then the leadership of the PCP and Yuzhnoye SDO have found the strength and determination to declare that will develop without state support, at the expense of own reserves, understanding how important it is for Ukraine. It is reported by Defense Express.

In early 2013, active work began on the reconstruction of the tactical complex in Ukraine in the framework of the project “Sapsan”. For 6 years, was launched 19 new production lines, trained staff, collected the first 12 engines for the entire set of tests as the factory, and all enterprises with cooperation partners.

Today, multi-function high-precision operatively-a tactical complex “Thunder” with a range of up to 300 km export version and to 500 km for the Armed forces of Ukraine, with the prospect of increasing (range) up to 1.5 thousand km, ready for flight tests, training of the military and the implementation of the state defense order.