The new patch for Anthem rid of useless loot

В новом патче для Anthem избавляются от бесполезного лута

Loot in the initial version of the Anthem was a catch: to things can be attributed to the properties that are on this thing not working. Something in the spirit of strengthening of electric damage the weapon, spitting venom. This problem should be corrected in the coming hours.

The leading producer of BioWare Ben Irving (Ben Irving) published on Reddit a description of the update that reworks the loot in Anthem. The developer acknowledged that the current system was unsatisfactory: in order to produce things of the highest degree of rarity, you need to kill the game quite a long time. However, when a desired item falls, its properties can be useless. Yes, unnecessary gear easy to dismantle for craft materials, so time will not be wasted, but finding the gun of your dreams is still too tight.

In the latest patch features of the application properties change: strengthen or give the current bonus for a particular subject, or applied effect on the entire javelin player. For example, gamers will no longer come across rifle with power pistol damage. But it can be a bonus to electric damage to any suitable item of equipment.

New rules for the use of the properties work only for the loot, falling after the patch. Those items that players are already extracted and dragged to his store, will remain intact.

In addition, the update makes it easier to craft. To create items of the highest rarity, players use a special resource – coal. Now for a really cool subject need 25 embers and the upgrade is only 15 coals. It turns out that BioWare increased the quality of loot of higher rarity, and its quantity.

In addition, the 30th level will stop falling out normal (green), and charm (white) clothes – garbage in “endgame” will be less.

The patch should be out today or tomorrow.

Recall that recently on useless loot in Anthem complained the game designer of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. He pointed to other issues of the game.

В новом патче для Anthem избавляются от бесполезного лута