The new rifle for the Russian special forces AM-17 showed the concern “Kalashnikov”

Новый автомат для российских спецназовцев АМ-17 показал концерн "Калашников"

The press service of the concern “Kalashnikov” introduced the public to the performance characteristics of the new machine AM-17 (compact automatic) weapons designed for tank crews, special forces and crews of the aerospace forces of the Russian Federation.

New from concern “Kalashnikov”, producing machines for the Russian Armed Forces and for export, is a radically new development of weapons designed for crews of armored forces technology, military special forces and pilots of the aerospace defence forces. Earlier for these purposes used the AKS-74U (in the case of crews of technicians) and a wide range of short modifications of Kalashnikov assault rifles and submachine guns (in the case of special forces soldiers).

The AM-17 is designed to solve many of the problems inherent in currently used types of weapons, but it is quick puregrow trunks, low sighting accuracy, and poor ergonomics.

A new machine developed whole taking into account the specificity of action of the crews of armored vehicles and special units. Weight 2.5 kgs and overall length of 74 cm, the machine shop has the capacity to 30 rounds of standard caliber 5. 45×39 mm. the Modification of machine parts, special purpose involves the installation of integrated device noiseless and flameless firing. One of the main reasons to be proud of the designers of this weapon is its compactness – length of the gun with a folded stock does not exceed 50 cm, which is 20 cm less than the length of a regular AK-74M. The butt at the same time, not tipped to one side, and the sum of telescopicas principle that allows you to adapt it for shooters of different size.

Also the machine will be made in the modification of AMB-17 (automatic compact noiseless), which will be equipped with integrated silencer. This point is particularly interesting because to shoot this modification is not standard-army ammunition 5,45 x39 mm, and the special subsonic ammunition caliber 9h39 mm. the same recall street known sniper vintovka VSS.

The main competitor of the new Russian machine in the armed forces of NATO countries is an American auto M4 carbine developed originally for crews of armored vehicles and units of the army special forces, but which has become the main small arms of the U.S. army. American machine inferior to local for a number of very important characteristics. It is larger in size by almost half, installation of the silencer significantly increases the length of the barrel, and the legendary reliability of Russian weapons to the American counterpart can only dream about.

It is worth noting that U.S. forces have repeatedly initiated various programs to develop weapons to replace the M4 carbines, but the real success none of them brought. Stand out is that neckie rifle HK416 and 417 partially adopted separate divisions of the us Armed forces.