The new season of HBO’s – the return of the “World Wild West” and “the Young Pope”

Новый сезон HBO - возвращение "Мира Дикого Запада" и "Молодого Папы"

HBO has presented in their promo video movies of the new season. It can be seen as a continuation of already popular shows, and footage from new projects. Thus, the air returned “Wild West“in which Dolores are waiting for adventures in the real world. In addition, it became known that there will be a new Park during the Second world war. And another news – one of the roles will be played by Antonio Banderas. However, in the pages of the actor in social networks this information is not confirmed. Output is planned for 2020. In addition, new seasons of returning shows such as “Deuce” with James Franco on 9 September and the fifth season of “Players” with Dwayne Johnson will appear on August 25.

As for new products, the 1st of October will appear in a historical drama “Catherine the Great” with Helen Mirren. The film will be four series, and the plot of the show went to the dramatic events of the last years of the reign of Catherine and her relationship with her favorite Grigory Potemkin. For example, in the trailer of the film Potemkin, Catherine hugs and says, “I’m not gonna share my throne.” And “Righteous Gemstone” with John Goodman and Adam Divine will be released on 1 September.

Among other things, the video shows excerpts from the second season of “Young Dad” by Paolo Sorrentino. The Director has officially announced that the first series will appear in November 2019, the year, however more accurate data is not appeared. But it became known that in the series, as guests, ie actors playing themselves appear Marilyn Manson and Sharon stone.