The new season of the Champions League and Europa League: the match calendar and the date of the draw

Новый сезон Лиги чемпионов и Лиги Европы: календарь матчей и даты жеребьевки

Новый сезон Лиги чемпионов и Лиги Европы: календарь матчей и даты жеребьевки

On July 17 launched a new season of the European Cup. Despite the fact that the team is not finished in the previous. When the start of the Ukrainian clubs and when they learn the names of their rivals in the material Спорт24.

The new season of the Champions League and Europa League will be special. All of the changes made by the pandemic of coronavirus, reports 24 channel.

For a start it is worth mentioning that the new season starts already when not yet decided the winners of the previous one. In the Champions League has not played even all the return matches of 1/8 finals (they will be held on 7 and 8 August). It’s the same in the Europa League – there are some commands even the first matches of 1/8 finals not played. However, until the end of August the winners will be determined. UEFA decided that all matches starting from the quarterfinals will consist of one game on a neutral field. The Champions League will play in Lisbon and the Europa League – in four German cities. The final was last held on 21 August, and the winner of the Champions League all find out on August 23.

How will the selection of the new season

The qualifying rounds of the Champions League and Europa League season-2020/21 will consist of one match (except in play-off round of Champions League qualification). The draw will determine which clubs will play at their home stadium.

Calendar Champions League-2020/21 this year

  • Preliminary round: the draw on July 17 matches – 8 and August 11.
  • First qualifying round draw – August 9, matches 18/19 August.
  • Second qualifying round draw – August 10, matches – 25/26 August.
  • Third qualifying round draw – August 31, matches of 15/16 September.
  • Playoff round: the draw for September 1, matches – 22/23 and 29/30 September.
  • Group stage: the draw – October 1, matches – 20/21 and 27/28 Oct 3/4 and 24/25 November 1/2 and 8/9 December.

Calendar Europa League 2020/21 this year

  • Preliminary round: the draw – August 9, matches – 20 Aug.
  • First qualifying round draw – August 10, matches – on August 27.
  • Second qualifying round: the draw – 31 Aug, matches on September 17.
  • Third qualifying round draw – September 1, matches on September 24.
  • Playoff round: the draw – September 18, matches – 1 Oct.
  • Group stage: the draw – 2 Oct, games – on 22 and 29 October, 5 and 26 November, 3 and 10 Dec.
  • The draw for the 1/8 finals of the Champions League 2020/2021 and the 1/16 finals of the Europa League-2020/2021 will be held on 14 December this year.

Mission Of Ukraine

Important! Ukraine in the European competitions will represent five clubs. While it is known that
Shakhtar will play in the Champions League. For the second ticket to this tournament one round before the end of the fight
Zarya. While the Luhansk club may hold second place in the championship and fourth. Dynamo below the third falls, and
“Desna” above the third rises. The fifth club will be determined in the match on July 29.

Shakhtar, as the champion of the country got a direct ticket to the group stage of the Champions League. So he will start playing matches 20 or 21 October, while its rival discovers the 1st of October.

The owner of silver medals of the Premier League kicks off with the third qualifying round of League of Champions (the tour before the end of the championship this claim of”Dynamo” and “dawn”). The match will take place on 15 or 16 September, the draw before August 31. In the case of passage to the next round in the playoffs of Champions League qualification, the team will play two matches 22/23 and 29/30 September.

As for the Europa League, there are three Ukrainian clubs. Two of them – which will take third and fourth place (among them, the “Dynamo”, “dawn” and “Desna”). Bronze medalist, once you get into the group stage, which will begin matches on 22 October (the draw for the groups – 2 Oct).

The fourth team of the Premier League (“dawn” or “Desna”) starts from the third qualifying round. The match is scheduled for September 24. In case of victory, the team will wait round of the playoffs. In the Europa League he has only one match will take place on 1 October.

The fifth representative of Ukraine to decide matches in the playoffs of the Premier League. There will play “Alexandria”, “ear”, “Dnepr-1” and “Mariupol”. It is one of the clubs and will receive a ticket to the European cups. The first match between the teams on July 25, the final on 29 July. The winner of this duel will begin performances at the second qualifying round matches scheduled for September 17.

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