The new technology allows to improve the autonomy and durability of mobile devices

Новая технология позволяет улучшить автономность и долговечность мобильных устройств

Новая технология позволяет улучшить автономность и долговечность мобильных устройств

In recent years there have been many potentially revolutionary discoveries in the field of batteries. However, the vast majority of all modern technology is still equipped with a usual lithium-ion batteries. At the same time, American scientists have invented a method to increase the service life of such batteries.

As a result of three years of research, specialists from Argonne national laboratory U.S. Department of energy jointly with the Hong Kong University of science and technology announced the development of a new cathode coating designed to improve the safety and lifetime of lithium-ion batteries.

Problems of modern batteries

One of the key problems of lithium-ion batteries is that the cathode is charged at high voltage produces oxygen, which reacts with the electrolyte. As a result, on the surface of the cathode film is formed, which reduces the amount transmitted between the electrodes of energy. And in result decreases the battery capacity. To solve this problem, the cathode is applied a special coating. However, it covers only a small outer part of the cathode, therefore, at high temperatures or voltages, the battery continues to degrade.

New development

The new coating, which is called PEDOT, based on the host polymer. It is applied by the method of oxidative chemical sludge from vapor phase, which uses the gas to provide a coating on each fraction of the cathode to form a coherent and durable shell. As a result, the cathode is protected from exposure to high temperatures and stresses.

According to scientists, the new coating allows to increase the working voltage of lithium-ion batteries from 4.2 to 4.6 V. And although it is only a 15-percent improvement, the researchers believe that this will lead to a significant reduction in the cost of batteries and increase their lifetime.

What it will give

Using new technology smartphones, smart watches, wireless headsets, laptops and even electric vehicles will be able to work longer without recharging. However, the commercial application of the technology are not yet available.

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